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Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong - Skid-Dat-De-Dat

"..such definitive performances as "Basin Street Blues". "Twelfth Street Rag" and "St James Infirmary Blues" are amongst the most revered of his early recordings..." C. Fuller

Kathryn Grayson
Kathryn Grayson - Favourite Ballads & Movie Songs

"..what a lovely surprise to be able to obtain this recording - especially Kathryn's version of "Love is where you find it" with such a lovely version - oh those notes - fantastic - she's the one and only plus those famous duets with Howard Keel and Tony Martin .." Anna Parkinson
The Mighty Wurlitzer
The Mighty Wurlitzer - Gems from a Golden Age of Cinema, Ballroom & Theatre Organs

"..a good mix of popular and movie music, organ music realy can get down to your bones and makes u feel great , old favourites u always enjoyed will come to u in a new light ,u will luv it, i still am .." D. Lloyd
Great Songs of 1930
Various Artists - Great Songs of 1930

"This 78 minute nostalgia trip is the first in a new series (1930s) released by Delta Bygone Days label. The compilation by Peter Dempsey is interesting mixing well known with much less known recordings. The whole thing is well presented has liner notes and excellent sound quality. Look out for the next issue 1931." C. Fuller
Great Songs of 1940
Various Artists - Great Songs of 1940

On the face of it, the beginning of World War Two would not appear to have been a particularly good time for songs, but this compilation proves otherwise. It also fulfils its title, and every track is a winner. There are also some pleasant surprises, with the lesser-known version of a hit song having been selected in some cases..." B. McCanna
Great Songs of 1950
Various Artists - Great Songs of 1950

"..The compilation by Peter Dempsey is interesting mixing well known with much less known recordings. The whole thing is well presented has liner notes and excellent sound quality.." C. Fuller
Divas of the Silver Screen
Various Artists - Divas of the Silver Screen

This really is a collector's lot..With approx 73 minutes running time and 25 tracks this well researched compilation has excellent sound throughout and with performances from 1929 onwards that sounds good news. Attractively packaged this is another excellent addition to the Bygone Days label." C. Fuller
Kathleen Ferrier
Kathleen Ferrier - An English Contralto

"..this CD captures the essence of her art. This is a quality collection and will find a home with many.." C. Fuller
Various Artists - Great Songs of 1951

"..The liner notes for this as for the other years make fascinating reading and are a big plus. Attractive packaging and above all good sound quality make this second 1950s CD a must. Let us hope that Delta carry on with this series.." C. Fuller
Various Artists - Great Songs of 1941

"..With approx 75 minutes of excellent sound quality and so many well known names this has to be the best follow up to the 1940s series.." C. Fuller
Various Artists - Great Songs of 1931

"..It starts off happy and stays happy.For me the outstanding track is My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes (Marion Harris) and I also love the Bing Crosby version of "I Found A Million-Dollar Baby" The Al Bowlly tracks are also excellent.." D. Brophy
Johnny Mercer
Johnny Mercer - Hello Out There!

"..This is an excellent addition to the vintage Johnny Mercer collections and there are 7 new to CD tracks along with some old favourites.." C. Fuller
Georgia Gibbs
Georgia Gibbs - Her Nibs

"..With a running time of approx 72 minutes and a good mix of old and new to CD recordings this will no doubt find favour with many readers.." C. Fuller
Carmen Cavallaro - Crazy Rhythm

"..What is outstanding on this CD is the range of material and the sound quality. This is a must for all collectors of "The Poet of the Piano".." C. Fuller
Edmundo Ros - Samba Samba

"..This is the authentic Latin-American sound, played by one of the leading bandleaders in that genre.." B. McCanna
Hammond - The Golden Age of the Hammond Organ 1944-1956

"..The CD is packaged and presented in an eye catching protective outer sleeve: the design oif which is replicated on the actual jewel case inserts, which contain copious and informative notes...I can only add that you are NOT a Hammond organ fan unless you have this in your collection..." A. Ashton
Bing Crosby - Bing With A Swing

"..Bings voice goes well with trad jazz and its nice to have some good music.." M. E. Sinfield
Lee Wiley - What is Love?

"..The whole package is a collectors gem providing as it does a real insight into why the voice was so praised.." C. Fuller
Hildegarde - Isn't It Romantic

"..Included are many of her most well known songs and with transfers from original 78s the sound is both authentic and of good quality throughout.." C. Fuller
Great Songs of 1932

"..The British entries highlight the dance bands and theatre stars. The American sounds include Bing whose popularity had already made him a major star on record and a well known face of film.." C. Fuller
Annette Hanshaw
Annette Hanshaw - Ain't She Sweet

"..A new CD devoted to Annette Hanshaw is a cause for celebration, particularly one that quite literally spans her recording career..the CD is attractively packaged in a slip-case, carries good track details, and a comprehensive liner notes.." B. McCanna
Connie Haines
Connie Haines - Kiss The Boys Goodbye

"..if you're a Connie Haines fan this will not disappoint .." B. McCanna
Nat Gonella
Nat Gonella - Hot Lips

"..Last week on the 28th August I googled 'Nat and moanin' the blues' as i have done hundreds of times in the past. Lo and behold it came up on Delta Records. It had been issued that very day! It is playing on my machine as I write. Thanks Delta for a great disc,what a bargain 25 wonderful tracks.." J Edwards

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